Hello there! My name is Michelle Johnson and I started Fern & Sage Essentials because I wanted to create a space where calligraphy can be all together whimsical, beautiful, and easy!

I first got into calligraphy when I got engaged in 2018. I wanted beautiful calligraphy for our wedding invitations, but I didn't realize how expensive it would be, and I had a huge interest in doing it myself! I had always received compliments on how beautiful my own handwriting was, so I decided to try it out myself. I didn't take any sort of special classes, I honestly just practiced until I came up with something that I truly loved. I remember filling up almost an entire notebook with sketches and practice addressing because I wanted to write out every single address before I actually penned the permanent names on envelopes!

Here at Fern & Sage Essentials you'll find simple yet beautiful calligraphy that can be used for all sorts of digital applications, such as bible verse wall art, inspiring quote printouts and diy cards!


Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions or specific inquiries, feel free to fill out our inquiry form at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!



My inspiration for the brand came on my birthday when I turned 26 years old. At the time I was pregnant with our daughter, had been laid off from my job due to the Coronavirus, and had just started investing more professionally into my calligraphy hobby. I had started Hand Lettered Design's Creative Lettering Journal: Gratitude Edition and was getting amazing amounts of inspiration from it! It was then that I realized regardless of how much I worked or how much time with my daughter I spent, I needed a creative outlet that I could actually devote some time to. I wanted to stand out from the competition and create a space where people could see the fun and beauty that I saw in calligraphy. I didn't want to appear too strict, formal, or professional; however I still wanted to get the point across that I was serious about this stuff.

I ultimately chose the name "Fern & Sage Essentials" because, like I've mentioned earlier, I believe calligraphy should be whimsical, fun, and beautiful. Whenever I think of something whimsical, I think of plants, pastels, light colors, and the outdoors. Both the fern and the sage plant are considered easy to grow with simple properties, so I thought they would be the perfect candidates for conveying my vision!


I believe that even the simplest of details can make all the difference, so that's why I chose a potted plant as our emblem. Its thin lines represent the simplicity in my calligraphy, and its shape represents growth, anticipation, and the future.

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